student meal

Monday, August 25, 2008

good healthy berjer!

finally got to try Good Burger last night and i have to say their healthy burger didn't disappoint. initially, i wanted to try their chicken patties but my companions were so in the mood for an uber healthy dinner that they prevailed on trying the veggie (soya) patties instead.
there are serving sizes: "good" (qtr pound) , "better" (1/3 pound) , "best" (2 qtr pound patties). being law students thirsting for brain-food-protein after hours of reading, we opted for the "best" burgers. i ordered for their margherita variant which had cheddar cheese sauce, grilled tomatoe/s, mozarella cheese, and basil.
for 115 bucks, i thought the serving was pretty fair. it hits the spot just right. they didn't scrimp on the mozzarella as i got a good slice but i do wish they had more than just one leaf of basil in it. the patties were better than expected, they weren't the usually rubbery veggie-meats and are actually flavorful.

next time, i'll come back to try the chicken patties. healthy eating is not so bad when you have places to visit like this one.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

desserts - manor, camp john hay, baguio

what can i say about this place? it made me feel classic baguio. manor is officially my favorite dessert place in baguio. affordable desserts plus a very good live band... perfect way to end the night in the summer capital. would you believe that none of these wonderful desserts cost more than 200 bucks?? actually the rhum ball and blondies were only around 35 to 60 pesos if i'm not mistaken. while the cheesecakes and cakes cost around 100-140 each... not bad huh??

strawberry cheesecake

rhum ball


ube cheesecake

belgian chocolate gateau

cherry cheesecake

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


two years ago, my cousins and i got to try this wonderful dish in samar. to this date, this is my favorite crab dish bar none! it's a creation of our aunt and it has become a mainstay in our family gatherings. if you like Alavar sauce, you'll love this dish. it's a bit similar in the sense that it uses crab fat as base but this has some pineapple in it which add some sweetness. i don't know what else my aunt puts in it but believe me, this dish is awesome. they don't have a name so i took the liberty of naming it,"crabeeehh". hehehe... it's bliss on a large stainless pot.

guess where i came from a couple of days ago? samar! thanks to my wonderful relatives there, i got to enjoy this dish once again. i think i ate two large crabs in just a little over five minutes. this dish definitely makes the fifteen-plus hour trip worth it...WORTH IT.

black pepper crab

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

I got to try this restuarant whose claim to fame is its creation of the black pepper crab. as you can see in the photo below, the crab is smothered with black pepper. needless to say, it is very spicy. eating the dish made me consume several glasses of tiger beer... ugh! i did not like this beer. just give me my san be honest, i did not find anything special with this dish. in fact, i preferred their szechuan version. but at least, i can say that i've tried THE original black pepper crab. :)

gogo rotti sausage

one of the treats i enjoyed eating in singapore was the GoGo rotti sausages. basically, it's sausage wrapped in rotti instead of the usual bun. i love rotti pratas so one can just imagine how excited i was to see this. you get to choose from a wide variety of sausages they have, from the regular hungarian to extra spicy to curry.

the rotti prata was freshly made so it was very soft and flaky. a nice snack to have while taking a break from shopping.